I. Review your Account Statement Notification

II. Your eBay Invoice and Fees

You can find out more about your eBay invoice and fees on the eBay Seller Centre.

Feature Pricing


I. Review your Account Statement Notification

back to topHow do I review my Account Statement Notification?

Your Account Statement Notification summarises charges for your eBay Motors Pro services which will be included in your next eBay Invoice. Other eBay charges, such as anything listed directly on with your eBay account during the current billing cycle, are not included here.

To access your Account Statement Notification:

  1. Sign in to your eBay Motors Pro account.
  2. Go to Billing tab (next to Settings).

back to topeBay Motors Pro billing cycle

eBay Motors Pro dealers are billed for their eBay Motors Pro fees 1 month in arrears. For example, your fees for vehicles listed in June will be invoiced on your account in July (either around the 15th of the month or the last day of the month depending on when your seller account was created).

Feature Pricing

Showroom Plus - £14.99 (ex VAT)

back to topFeature Description

This is a premium version of the existing Showroom (which will remain free). As well as a different layout, you get a unique web address for your showroom and you can customise the order of the listings on your page.

Showcase Plus - £9.99 (ex VAT)

back to topFeature Description

This is a "Flash" version of the existing Showcase (which will remain free). You can embed it on your personal web page, on blogs or on other sites.

Best Offer - FREE

back to topFeature Description

Best Offer allows buyers to make an offer for a car that you have listed: you set an “autodecline” price to automatically screen out offers that are unacceptable, leaving you with a list of promising leads.

Using Best Offer will make you subject to feedback if offers are formally accepted through My eBay.

Video From Images - FREE

back to topFeature Description

This feature automatically assembles a video from the pictures you upload. It provides a quick overview of your vehicle for potential buyers.

Price Comparison Reporting - FREE

back to topFeature Description

Price Comparison Reporting allows you to compare the price of vehicles against classified ad listings from eBay Motors Pro dealers. Matching vehicles are found initially by matching year, make, model, fuel type and transmission. You can further refine the matching criteria from the detailed view page for more accurate comparisons. Some of the features included in Price Comparison Reporting are:

  • Filter your inventory to display only certain vehicles
  • Use distance based search to compare against dealers locally or nationally
  • See all matched vehicles using in comparison
  • User free text search to further refine the matching criteria
  • Use VRM search to compare against matching vehicles
  • Search for vehicles based on selected criteria

Gallery Plus - FREE

back to topFeature Description

Gallery Plus upgrades enhance your items in one of the first places buyers see - the search results. Features of Gallery Plus are:

  • It displays a larger picture, up to 400 x 400 pixels, when you hover over the item. Otherwise, your picture is shown at the standard size of 96 pixels.
  • There is a magnifying glass and Enlarge link.
  • If you have multiple pictures, we'll provide access to all your pictures in search results.

Website Links - FREE

Website Links allows you to include a link to your dealer website on your eBay Motors Pro classified ads. A “Visit our Website” button will appear in the contact section of your eBay Motors Pro listing on

Picture Pack - FREE

back to topFeature Description

Picture Pack is a picture package that helps give your item maximum exposure. As well as being able to add up to 20 pictures, Picture Pack lets you:

  • Supersize all your pictures (up to 800w x 800h pixels–800 pixels on the longest side).
  • Use the Zoom feature on the listing page.
Picture Pack restrictions and tips:

  • Picture Pack is exclusively for listings using eBay picture hosting.
  • The recommended size for uploaded pictures is 1000 pixels or more on the longest side.
  • Your larger pictures appear in a separate window that buyers can open from the top of the listing page.

Note: Compressing your pictures with your own software before supersizing your picture for is not recommended.