Getting started with eBay Motors Pro

Putting your cars on eBay Motors couldn´t be simpler

There are two ways that you can put your cars on the UK´s busiest showroom:

You can send Classified Ads to eBay Motors directly, using the eBay Motors Pro tool.

  • Enter the Vehicle Registration Mark and eBay Motors Pro automatically populates key data fields
  • Enter any additional vehicle detail and description
  • Add photos − with eBay Motors Pro, you can add up to 12 photos completely free
  • Review and submit − your car is now on the UK´s busiest showroom

Alternatively, if you already use software to publish your cars onto other websites, you can ask them to send your Classified Ads to eBay Motors.

For more details, please visit the Developer Hub

Understand how eBay Motors is working for you

eBay helps you gauge the effectiveness of your Classified Ads by providing data on the level of interest in your listings:

Number of unique visitors per listing

At the bottom of each your Classified Ad on eBay Motors, there is a counter which shows how many unique people have clicked on and seen this listing

Number of watchers

In My eBay, available at the top of every eBay page, you can see how many people are tracking the progress of each Classified Ad

As we build out the functionalities of eBay Motors Pro, more reporting features will be available, so watch this space.

If you have any questions about Classified Ads on eBay Motors and eBay Motors Pro, our dedicated Dealer Support team is ready to assist you.

Call us on 0800 368 7148.